JLM’s value is based on four features:


Roots are from where we come and what we take to our business, education, experience, knowledge etc. Our roots are here symbolized by a mound.


The foundation is the framework the company offers building tools. The place where we can express ourselves. Our foundation is here symbolized by the building.


Interaction is the cooperation that exists between all employees, customers, business partners and all the things that affect os.Samspil is symbolized by a circle in constant motion.


Options instead of begræsninger.Vi trying to constantly produce unique solutions and believe that it is sufficiently curious, you can develop the company and products for the benefit of the company, the environment and customers. Options without limitations, here symbolized by the life that dares to look over the edge.

The artist Vivi Haacke, in collaboration with JLM technique created our four icons that characterize the company in Hobro.

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